How to create your own WordPress Plugin easily

As we already know that WordPress has thousands of plugins that can be easily used to improve performance and other essential functions on your WordPress page. Apparently, WordPress still has one more feature for its users with an innovative mind. In this case, the users of WordPress given the ease if you want to create your own plugin to suit the needs and desires of the users. Therefore in this article will be explained a simple way to create your own WordPress plugin.

The first step you should do before starting the process of creating a plugin is to make sure you have the three basic components needed: text editor, FTP access to your hosting account and perfect WordPress installation. In this case, you can use an existing text editor on your devices such as Notepad or NetBeans. In addition, you should also ensure that you have full FTP access to your hosting page which you can easily do by using FileZilla. One more thing to remember that WordPress plugins use an interaction core code called Hook. The Hook itself consists of two main types of Action Hook and Filter Hook. Action Hook is useful for adding or removing a function while Filter Hook is used for changing data created by a function. After knowing the basics in creating plugins then you will easily be able to create your own WordPress Plugin.

The very easy final step to create your own WordPress plugin is to specify the simple plugin you want to create, in this case, I give a parable that you want to give a welcome greeting to every visitor of your blog. Then you just need to write the welcome sentence with Notepad media that is accessed via wp-content in the form of .php. After that, you need to upload the sentence that has been written into the form .zip file on your WordPress page. The last thing you need to do is simply save and activate the file you have uploaded.

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